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Ever wanted to become a business owner, or add a new revenue stream to your business?

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A franchise with WOKSTA connects you to our passionate and loyal customer base. There is an opportunity to start a new career and build and grow a successful business, or drive increased revenue with a delicious quality menu to offer whatever your background.

Our Vision!

Our vision is to become the number 1 Pan Asian inspired food-to-go provider in the UK delivery market!

The restaurant food delivery sector has exploded over the past few years with third party apps – most notably Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats – vying for business and reporting significant gains for those businesses using them. 

At WOKSTA® we have two core models to choose from…

Dark kitchen

Delivery only

A dark kitchen operation
with no customer facing
premises can offer an
extremely low cost
franchise model benefiting
from low rent, labour
and running costs.

A quality food to go or
delivery offering at affordable
everyday pricing. Fresh
wholesome ingredients
packaged for delivery
freshness and restaurant
quality appearance.

stir fry superstars

Small takewaway

Delivery & walk ins

All the benefits of a dark
kitchen operation but with a
very small customer facing
entrance to allow
customers to walk in,
order and wait for
fresh food to be prepared.

Exploring the positives & challenges

By far, the most common form of delivery is the traditional model, in which the consumer places an order with the local pizza parlour or Chinese restaurant (although many other kinds of restaurants, particularly in urban areas, now offer delivery) and waits for the restaurant to bring the food to the door.

However, as in so many other sectors, the rise of digital technology is re-shaping the market. Consumers accustomed to shopping online through apps or websites, with maximum convenience and transparency, increasingly expect the same experience when it comes to ordering dinner.

operational costs

Reduced rental, smaller premises

Quick startup
to trading

Strongly reliant on online marketing

Increased competition for market share


A clear shift in consumer habits


Offline Ordering


*Online Ordering

*CAGR statistics 2015-2020


Our kitchens are developed to the highest hygiene and operational standards.

Delivering efficiency and product
freshness day in day out!


Our 3 step approach to ordering our food means customers get simple, delicious food delivered straight to their door!

Join the WOKSTA® revolution today!

Did you know…
“The food delivery market is expected to increase by at least 20% every year.”


We will help you realise your ambition with our dedicated franchise team. Our model enables you to create Takeaway stores or Dark Kitchens in small easy to find properties.

We recognise that franchisees have different needs. Franchisees will look for different businesses to suit their investment plans and aspirations.

With a proven Dark kitchen model, we are set up for all types of entrepreneur whether as a stand alone business or as an additional revenue stream to an existing kitchen.

From a mere 600 Sq-ft Dark kitchen up to a 1000 sq-ft Takeaway premises, WOKSTA® can be built in most locations or even added onto an existing Café, Restaurant or Takeaway business.

Our stores of the future are ready to take
up the following sites:

Interested in working together?

To get in touch about our business propositions, please use the contact form here. We look forward to hearing from you.

Complementing our
digital platforms!

WOKSTA® now has its very own ordering platform to compliment
the national platforms of Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

Developing and marketing the WOKSTA® app in all
territories will help to increase profit by up to 30%!

“We are active across all social media platforms on your behalf”

Got a question ?

Step 1

Complete the enquiry form on our franchise page and our recruitment group will be in touch very soon.


Step 2

You will be sent a franchise prospectus describing our operations and a link to an online NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).


Step 3

From there, we will invite you to a Zoom meeting with us. We are happy to discuss your personal objectives and give you an insight into our entire operation!


Step 4

Once we have received your signed NDA, we will send you a detailed financial pack to give you an actual indication of store performance and your potential returns on investment.


Step 5

You have seen the prospectus and financial pack and are now eager to progress to the next level!


Final enquiry STEP!

We will ask you to fill out our application form. Together, we will look at whether WOKSTA® is a good fit for you and look at potential locations for your unit as well as its earnings potential.


NB We will not seek to do business with you when we first meet – please leave your cheque book at home! 


We proceed in this way because we believe that joining us will be one of the more important decisions of your life. It should not be rushed. We do not formalise any relationship or accept deposits, holding fees or statements of intent at this stage.


Step 1 of stage 2

Should you now want to engage we will give you the Heads of Terms Franchise Agreement to consider. Meanwhile our Directors will give your application full consideration. If we feel able to proceed with you, and you have taken suitable legal advice, we will invite you to pay a territory holding fee of £3,000. This fee can be refunded if you later choose not to go ahead, minus any consultation fees that may have been incurred. This territory fee will then be taken off the initial franchise fee on your first store.


step 2

When your engagement fee is received, we will help you engage with our approved agents to help you locate the right property in the right area in your chosen location. Once you have found the site you would like, and our Director has approved its location, the development programme starts. We create a design plan of your shop and create a list of what is required and what success looks like! This will help you understand the full

cost required, and to secure any additional funding from a bank should you need to.


Step 3

At this stage the franchise fee is paid and contracts are signed, You will then join the training course at the WOKSTA® Centre of excellence for up to a two-week period. Next comes the period where together we dovetail the site work, staffing, equipment purchases, fitting out and stocking-up.


step 4

The opening! Together we will open the unit and you will welcome your customers with a large PR event and a detailed Marketing initiative to drive traffic through your door.

The right to set up to own and operate the WOKSTA® brand for an initial period of 5 years

– this is then renewable for a further 5-year period in line with the franchise agreement.

In addition:

  1. Full training on all operational aspects of the business.
  2. All required manuals and handbooks.
  3. We will provide pre-opening corporate location-based training, lasting up to 14 days. This includes both classroom and on- the-job instruction and covering the WOKSTA®brand and culture, products, operational procedures and more!
  4. Representatives from WOKSTA® will also spend up to 3 days assisting you and your staff prior to the Grand Opening.
  5. Assistance with your store opening.
  1. Periodic visits from head office.
  2. Ongoing operational assistance including operational store surveys, periodic re-training as well as training on any new product launches and support


with business development plans.

  1. Access to relevant metrics and reports.
  2. Local marketing advice and strategy development using our experience in marketing the product and the brand.
  3. Franchise seminars and conventions.
  4. Access to WOKSTA’s central supply chain distribution.
  5. Head office experience and buying power to consistently offer value for money as the franchise continues to grow.

No. WOKSTA operations have been honed and refined globally. The equipment used in our stores has been tried and tested so we can be confident that it will enable you to produce delicious WOKSTA dishes each and every time.

No. The quality of our product is what makes WOKSTA® unique.
The variety of our WOKSTA flavours comes from proprietary ingredients. Moreover, it is important that every franchisee provides our customers with the same WOKSTA products.
Therefore, we insist that you purchase your core ingredients through our dedicated supply chain.

You do not need to have prior experience in the food service industry to join WOKSTA®.
We look for franchise owners who can build a solid operations team, dedicate themselves to great customer service, and be actively involved in the supervision of daily operations.


Get in touch for a chat. Contact will be in the strictest confidence and there’s no hard- sell, no cost and no obligation.


We look forward to hearing from you!